Product Features


At the core of our platform are the highly modular technological building blocks that power innovative implementations of both the most common as well as unique workflows.

Here is a snapshot of the most important product features. For a more detailed view, please request a demo.

True interoperability

Convert patient records and images across various formats and deliver them to requesting providers in any desired form.

Master Patient Identifier

Resolve common naming conflicts to unify patient records into a comprehensive medical record.

Swift transmission

Deliver patient records to any legacy in-house systems seamlessly and immediately.

Simplified logistics

Deliver records without having to identify the location of each medical record and request them individually.

Version control

Provide an up-to-date version of all patient data as a comprehensive medical history.

Strict security & privacy

Enforce strict authorization, privacy measures, and legal requirements. HIPAA and GDPR compliant.

Use cases


Hospital Systems

An interoperable system that delivers a holistic patient journey across hospital networks.
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Virtual Care Coordination

Intelligent combination of workflows that standardizes ad-hoc processes and coordinates the entire patient journey, with built-in telehealth solution at your fingertips.
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Medical Imaging

Supporting workflows dealing with medical images along with traditional PACS servers.
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Insurance companies

Automated and simplified processes enabling insurance companies to use their networks to reduce costs / risks while increasing product offerings.
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Pandemic response

A process coordinator for COVID task forces and research institutes for better analysis and decision making.
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Our Company

With a presence in three continents and a growing number of global offices, we relentlessly work on improving healthcare process efficiency.








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Our Culture

Mediphore is a strong believer that happier employees are more productive and innovative. This is why we strive to create an environment where our team feels motivated to express themselves freely. We encourage all team members to have a seat at the table, put forth their best ideas, and be proud of their contributions.

Our journey

Nandu envisions the preliminary process interoperability framework.
Interoperability framework development and refinement.
Motivated by years of painful patient experience, a novel use case of the technology for the healthcare sector emerges.

Mediphore is founded. Prototype is developed.
Mediphore expands the team and establishes a presence in India and Germany.
Mediphore files patent application for use case in medical imaging.
October 2020
Mediphore receives its first US Patent for the Process Interoperability Platform (PIPCO).
April 2021
Mediphore India team grows.
Augus 2023
Mediphore serves one of the largest hospital network in India with its medical image sharing technology.
November 2023
Collaboration with leading US oncology center is established.

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Telehealth in the Post-COVID Age

Mediphore Newsletters

Expanding telehealth access with reintroduced CONNECT for Health Act

A bipartisan group comprising half of U.S. senators has reintroduced the Creating Opportunities Now for Necessary and Effective Care Technologies (CONNECT) for Health Act of 2021. The legislation would permanently remove geographic restrictions on telehealth sites, it would expand coverage of Medicare telehealth services and make some COVID-19 telehealth flexibilities permanent.

Healthcare IT News

Healthcare providers look to startups for innovative solutions as budgets tighten

According to a recent survey, 75% of health systems are actively pursuing commercial relationships with digital health technology startups. The majority of these efforts are aimed at finding compelling non-COVID-19 use cases that can be deployed immediately.

American Hospital Association

Mediphore's PIPCO Technology—A Timely Solution for Cures Act Compliance

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has issued two rules that give patients unprecedented access to their medical data, placing increased demands on healthcare entities.

Medical organizations that fail to comply with these two policies (issued by ONC and CMS) within the coming months may face significant monetary and legal penalties.

With its Process Interoperability Platform (PIPCO) technology, Mediphore, Inc. is primed to help healthcare providers satisfy the new government requirements.

Mediphore Inc.

Mediphore Set to Revolutionize Healthcare Industry with Newly-Patented Technology

Mediphore Inc. announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued U.S. Patent No. 10,810,550, a patent that covers fundamental elements of Mediphore's process coordination framework. Using this patented technology, Mediphore seeks to address and eliminate substantial process inefficiencies within the healthcare industry in innovative and cost-effective ways.

Mediphore Inc.

New Interoperability Rule: Providing Patients More Control of Their Health Data

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) today finalized two transformative rules that will give patients unprecedented safe, secure access to their health data. Interoperability has been pursued by multiple administrations and numerous laws, and today, these rules finally deliver on giving patients true access to their healthcare data to make informed healthcare decisions and better manage their care.

Pathology Post COVID-19

The pandemic disrupted normal operation of pathology in several ways. Caseloads and workflows changes are likely to stay for quite some time, while pressures could increase to resume earlier scheduled screening programs.

Technology Networks Group

Global Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) Market to generate huge revenue by 2025

The research report on global Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) market offers an in depth analysis on several important aspects.

Cole Market Research

Digital Pathology and Artificial Intelligence

The emergence of digital pathology is seen as a vital technology for the sharing of data, more accurate analysis of tissue samples, and beside supporting the progression of medicine in general, also to the essential support to the rise of precision medicine.

COVID-19 Proves Need for National Health IT Infrastructure

Health organizations and researchers need real-time, accurate, and reliable information to fight the pandemic.

EHR Intelligence

HHS Grants More Time for Interoperability Compliance

HHS is pushing back the timeline for enforcing the interoperability & data blocking rules.

Diagnostic Imaging


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