Mediphore platform for large health organizations

Our interoperable system delivers a seamless and holistic view of patients' medical histories across hospital networks, image centers, and labs.

All in one place, aggregated by accessing CCDA and DICOM files across any EHR system (EPIC, Cerner, Allscripts, etc.).

Reduced complexity

  • By removing the need for point-to-point interaction, Mediphore reduces the inherent complexity present in current healthcare systems.
  • Aggregating a patient's medical records into one place creates a holistic record with a longitudinal view of one's medical history.

Process automation

  • Our intelligent process automation brings increased efficiency to every level of healthcare users - from providers and care teams to the hospital executives and decision-makers.

Improved holistic care & experience

  • Advancing holistic care coordination with added functionalities.
  • Better care process through Mediphore. Better usability and provider experience.

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