When seeking treatment remotely

An intelligent combination of workflows that standardizes ad-hoc processes and coordinates the entire patient journey, whether you seek care from the comfort of your home or travel to get the best available treatment domestically or internationally.

Virtual visits

  • Empowering patients to access their care team remotely, anytime from anywhere.
  • Effective telehealth solution with advanced sharing features enables providers to deliver high-quality, value-based care.

Accelerated intake process, seamless patient experience

  • Reduce intake procedures from lasting months to a few hours by collecting all necessary documents and permissions in one place.
  • Upload or seamlessly fetch from previous providers your medical records, lab results, and medical images.

Travel for Medical Treatment

  • Build your trusted care circle - whether domestically or internationally, take your medical records digitally and share with your new provider.
  • Managing permissions made easy. With a click of a button, search and find your new physician or hospital, and grant permission to see your records.

Data-driven efficiency

  • As a provider or health organization executive, rely on built-in analytics to improve process efficiency.
  • Initiate. Track. Improve.

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